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Wednesday, June 19 -- Let's Go Green!

The Canterbury Community Farmers Market is going green on Wednesday from 4-6:30pm. This week we are highlighting all the green things that can be locally grown or made - veggies, plants, herbs, relishes, and more.


Live music will be provided by Audrey Budington. Winner of fiddle contests and 2018 graduate of Berklee College of Music under their Presidential Scholarship, Audrey Budington has played violin since she was four. Her true loves are Traditional, New England, Celtic and Fusion, and she is known for her creative compositions.

Master Gardeners from UNH Cooperative Extension – Master Gardeners will be on hand to answer all of your gardening questions. This is the first of what will be a regular 3rd-week-of-the-month visit to our market. Take advantage of their knowledge and learn something new! Handouts available.

Solarize Canterbury – Check out their booth and find out about the great deals being offered to Canterbury residents who want to go solar!


Be sure to wander aaaaallll the way to the back of the Market and check out aaaaallll of our fine vendors! Below is just a sampling of all the green goodies and other fun finds you can search out this week…

  • Blakeney’s – Flavored breads, plain baguettes and batards along with their yummy scones and pretzels. This week, they will supply the rye bread for Brookford Farm’s delicious grilled cheese! NEW!

  • Brookford Farm – Get in line now for some AMAZING grilled cheese, made with Brookford Farm’s cheese and sauerkraut on Blakeney’s rye bread. You do not want to miss this! They will also have their usual assortment of dairy, lacto-fermented products, vegetables and eggs.

  • Cookies and Cakes Hooray! – Zucchini surprise, mint filled brownies and green apple filled cupcakes. Also, some gluten free and keto friendly treats!

  • Lindon Garlic Farm – Green garlic scapes and green garlic scape pesto! Also, caramelized black garlic, both whole bulbs and peeled cloves, as well as black garlic powder.

  • Meadows Pond Soaps – Green shaving soap with bentonite clay, plus her fun collection of soaps, balms and lotions.

  • The Salty Rose - Where the wheatgrass grows and we drink lemonade. Go green with The Salty Rose! Bringing the whole mobile cafe this week. Homegrown wheatgrass lemonade, Cold brew lattes, alongside an assortment of medicinal tea lattes. Choose glass! Never single use plastics. Offering dairy-free Mylk from the delicious green pepita seeds in glass jars. Come get refreshed!

  • Sanborn Meadow Farm – Spring greens including mixed baby greens, arugula, lettuce, radishes, and the last of the rhubarb. Will also have parsley and purple, thai, lemon and italian basil plants.

  • Warner River Produce – Vegetables including arugula, asparagus, baby white turnips, green garlic bunches, lettuce, radish, salad mix, scallions, spinach. Storage crops like apples, carrots, garlic, potatoes, turnips. An assortment of green vegetable and herb plants to fill out your garden.


We hope to have a complete Vendor Schedule posted soon, but for now remember that some of our vendors are half season, which means they will be at the Market every other week.

  • This week you will see Cookies and Cakes HOORAY!, but next week you will see 24 Karrot Baking. They will alternate weeks throughout the summer.

  • Tupelo Point Lavender is also a half season vendor. He will be at the Market every other week, same time as the 24 Karrot Baking.

  • Confused? Don’t worry! We will do our best to let you know who will be at the market each week. Suffice to say there will always be LOTS of EVERYthing!

“Gardens are not made by singing 'Oh, how beautiful!' and sitting in the shade.”

― Rudyard Kipling

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