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Market Calendar

Here are the Market dates for our 2023 season. We will obviously be filling in a LOT more info (musicians, special events, demonstrations, activities, etc.) as Opening Day, May 31,draws closer! Suffice
to say there will be GREAT local produce and products and GREAT local music EVERY Wednesday throughout the summer. Can't wait to see you!
PS: If you want the latest info on what's going on each week, jump back to the home page and subscribe to the weekly Market News. You can also follow us on FaceBook and Instagram.

Vendor Schedule

HEADS UP! This is last year's vendor list. We are still chatting with returning vendors and accepting new vendor applications for 2023. Just so you know, some vendors come every week, and some come every other. Some weeks there are dilemmas in the field or barn that keep a vendor from coming at all! We try to keep you up to date, but rest assured that there will be PLENTY of goodness at the Market whenever YOU are there, even if a particular vendor is not. Thanks for understanding.
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