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We look forward to 2024 -- our 18th season!


Mission Statement

To promote community, local food and agricultural products
through regular dynamic farmers markets.

The Vision

Canterbury Community Farmers Market is a place where:

  • Local foods and agricultural products will be promoted

  • Consumers will want to attend on a regular basis

  • Consumers are able to reliably meet a significant part of their food and agricultural product needs

  • Consumers and vendors have opportunities to develop relationships with each other

 Guiding Principles and Actions

Community Education focused on the importance and benefits of supporting local farms will heighten consumer interest in patronizing the farmers market. 

  • Outreach to the community via media (newsletters, Facebook, etc.) focusing on the importance of supporting local businesses and local food.

A Loyal and Expanding Consumer Base is vital to the market’s existence and longevity to ensure vendor profitability. Consumers will be supported and increased through:

  • Regular and broad marketing and publicity 

  • Awareness of membership opportunities and ways to support the market financially


  • Provide simple appreciations to customers who illustrate loyalty and consistent support during these challenging times

A Vibrant and Sustainable Vendor Population is necessary to grow and maintain a viable market. Vendors will be enhanced and supported in the following ways:

  • Nurture the relationships with current and future vendors:

    • Vendor respect for each other and minimize competition 

    • Vendor education to consumers 

    • Board support of vendors through set up and breakdown help 

    • Market manager/vendor coordinator responsiveness and feedback

We THANK YOU very kindly for your support!

NOTE: CCFMA is a 501(c)5 non-profit organization as designated by the IRS. We are not a public charity.

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