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Wednesday, June 12th - What’s the Buzz?!

The Canterbury Community Farmers Market will be open this Wednesday, June 12th, at 4 pm. The theme this week is “What’s the Buzz?”, celebrating all the foods and flowers that rely on pollinators! Grab a few friends and buzz on over to check us out!

Pollinator Trivia

Worldwide, insect pollinators include bees, (honey bees, solitary species, bumblebees); pollen wasps; ants; flies including bee flies, hoverflies and mosquitoes; both butterflies and moths;

and flower beetles.

Vertebrates, mainly bats and birds, but also some non-bat mammals (monkeys, lemurs, possums, rodents) and some lizards pollinate certain plants. Among the pollinating birds are hummingbirds, honeyeaters and sunbirds with long beaks; they pollinate a number of deep-throated flowers. Humans may also carry out artificial pollination!

Vendors News

Our worker bee vendors have a sweet lineup of treats in store

for you this week, including:

Blakeney’s – A variety of flavored breads, plain baguettes and batards along with their yummy scones and pretzels! This week, honey pecan pretzels with local honey.

Gilded Fern Farm - fresh raw sheep's milk, raw sheep yogurt, Alpine and Manchego style cheeses, Gouda, soft cheeses and blue cheese. This vendor is NEW to the Market!

Lindon Garlic Farm – fresh garlic scapes, caramelized black garlic, black garlic powder. This vendor is NEW to the Market!

Marsh Meadow Bison – Delicious, heart healthy bison meats and homemade bison tallow soap.

Meadows Pond Soaps – Lip balms, CBD balms, bug repellent sticks and lotions using local beeswax when available.

The Salty Rose – Pepita milk (alternative milk) in original and maple flavors, cold brew lattes, all made from pepitas (naked pumpkin seeds). Ask Alyssa why pumpkins are better than almonds for pollinators! This vendor is NEW to the Market!

Sanborn Meadow Farm – Spring greens including lettuce mix, mixed baby greens, arugula, radishes, rhubarb. Plant starts: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, onions, shallots and basil.

Warner River Produce – Vegetables including arugula, asparagus, baby white turnips, green garlic bunches, lettuce, radish, salad mix, scallions, and spinach. Storage crops like apples, carrots, garlic, potatoes, and turnips. An assortment of vegetable and herb plants. Look for African Blue Basil plants – bees LOVE them!

24 Karrot Baking - carrot cupcakes, mocha cupcakes, celebration cupcakes, coconut macaroons, individual pecan pies, low-carb lemon loafs and low-carb coconut macaroons.

This vendor is NEW to the Market!

Julia's Array - Essential oil products (after sun spray, bug bite relief rollers, scented rollers, lavender burn and hand cream), shirts, signs, framed art and other beautiful craft items.

This vendor is NEW to the Market!

Tupelo Point Lavender - Adam Nickerson will have plants of “Lavender Phenomenal,” a hardy variety that thrives in our area, plus lavender oil, lavender cookies with rose water icing and a unique concrete multi-purpose pot. This vendor is NEW to the Market!

Around the Market

Be sure to wander aaaaall the way to the back of the Market, on the grassy area behind the library⁠—many fine vendors are back there in the shade!

Be sure to wander INSIDE the library and browse the book sale!

Forgot cash? You can use your credit or debit card at the Market Info table to get wooden tokens, good at all of our vendors and any Canterbury Market all summer long.

Don't forget to check out our newly designed website at or find us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest Market updates!

Market Music

Live music this week by Don Bartenstein. Don has been playing and singing in front of people continually since he was 7, so he sure knows what he’s doing by now.

If you enjoy the music of Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Paul Simon, and the like, you will surely like our friend Don’s style! If you want to take a listen before you get to the Market, go here -à!

A wee bit o’ garden humor (get ready to sing…)

“I'm a gardener and I'm OK

I sleep all night and I plant all day!

I dress in grubby clothing, and hang around with slugs.

Oh I'm happy in the garden

With dirt and plants and bugs . . . “

― To the tune of Monty Python's "I'm a Lumberjack"

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