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CCFMA Food Challenge

Our vendors have been growing some amazing produce this year and we want to see what you're making with your fresh produce each week! To get in the mindset of eating local and supporting your local farmers, it is a great time to share your homemade meals and inspire others to join in on the fun.

You can post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram-make sure to tag us and use the hashtag #CCFMAfoodchallenge! You can also email them directly to We will post them on our website, social media, and weekly newsletter.

Please be sure to include the vendors of which you purchased your produce from so they can get the recognition they deserve!

Here are some photos from people cooking up some tasty meals: is a local breakfast! Blakeney’s rye toast with an egg scramble using Sanborn Meadow eggs, Hackleboro blueberries, and my own basil! Really yummy!

Enjoying some farmers market goodies, lettuce from Sanborn Meadow Farm, bison tenderloin from Marsh Meadow Bison!

Green salad from Sanborn Meadow Farm in a Dave Emerson bowl!

I used yellow oysters from NH Mushroom Co. Yum!

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