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CCFMA Annual Meeting

Farmers Market Members invited to the CCFMA Annual Meeting on Monday, Jan. 20th at 6:00 PM for a potluck dinner at the Canterbury Parish House

Annual Meeting Potluck

As a market member, you are warmly invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the Canterbury Community Farmers Market Association! A welcome gathering in the cold of mid-winter, the Annual Meeting is a time of community and reflection, as well as taking care of some yearly business.

Join fellow CCFMA Members for a Potluck Dinner which will certainly feature a LOT of local goodness! Please gather upstairs in the Parish House at 6:00pm, and the meeting can start once we have all had our fill of dinner and have dessert and coffee in hand. We will present our annual report on the 2019 Season, set member fees, thank our retiring Board members, and formally vote in any new Board members.

Please bring a dinner entrée or dessert to share, and we will provide water, coffee, tea and hot cider! It’s helpful if you bring your own plates and cutlery, though there will be place settings available if you can’t manage.

Please RSVP if Possible

All CCFMA Members and their families are invited, please RSVP so we have an idea of how many chairs to set up!

Thank YOU!

As always, THANK YOU for supporting CCFMA! Through your yearly membership dues we are able to connect local farmers and artisans and their products to our community while at the same time offering great music, special events, educational opportunities, and activities.

Your support helps us to fill “Mary Ellen’s Basket,” allows us to work with the Loudon Food Pantry to offer help to local families, and also provides a strong community gathering each week in the center of Canterbury.

We look forward to sharing a tasty and productive evening with you on Jan. 20th!

The Board Members of CCFMA

Your 2019 Board Members are: Left to Right (back row): Julia Barton, Janet King, Ruth Smith Sylvia Styles, Katie Styles, Julie Dewdney, Suzie Hardt, Kathy Doherty (front row): Katie Archer, Beth Blair, Emily Sullivan, Sara Riordan, Ray Craigie. (missing from photo): Sarah T-W, Misty Batchelder, Dave Emerson

Inclement Weather

PS: If the weather is frightful on January 20th, check the Market Facebook page or website to see if the event has been cancelled and rescheduled. If needed, the Rain Date (more likely the Snow, Sleet, and Ice Date) would be Mon., Jan. 27.

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